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Besides having four great teachers and assistants in Raleigh, dancers are also supported by an outstanding and reputable team of six teachers in Charlotte, who also teach at the other locations; Raleigh RNE dancers have the option to travel to Charlotte for Saturday classes, special classes and workshops.

Raleigh Teachers:
Lisa Clark Lisa Clark, TCRG
Lisa is the lead teacher of the Raleigh Rince na h’Eireann (RNE) school of Irish dance.  Lisa has danced, trained and taught under Sandra Connick (TCRG and director of all six RNE school locations) for the past 6 years. Surprisingly, Lisa did not start out as an Irish dancer, but as a competitive springboard diver and competed in National and International Diving competitions in her ten year career.  She made the NCAA Division I National Collegiate All-American All Star Diving Team for all four straight years.  She also just missed qualifying
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Colleen Corry Colleen Corry
Colleen was born and raised outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Both of her parents are from Ireland and it was very important that they raised her brothers and herself with Irish culture, therefore, they registered Colleen in Irish dance. Colleen started Irish dancing with the McDade School of Irish Dance in Pennsylvania when she was  four years old.  It began as a fun after-school activity but as she improved, she began taking it more seriously and competing at competitions twice a month.  She started competing in the Northern Oireachtas
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Haylee Dawe Haylee Dawe
Haylee started dancing with Rince na h’ Eireann in Charlotte, N.C. when she was five years old and competed until age 18 when she graduated high school. Haylee's mom, Michele Dawe, is one of the amazing Irish dance teachers at RNE Charlotte - so she comes from a long line of Irish dancing! Throughout her very successful competitive career, Haylee medaled nationally and internationally, competing at numerous Oireachtas, Nationals, All-Ireland Championships, and World Irish Dance Championships as both a soloist dancer and as a teams dancer. Haylee is now a junior at Elon University in Burlington, NC studying
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Raleigh Workshop Teacher:
Patrick Quinlivan Patrick Quinlivan, TCRG
Patrick travels to Raleigh three times a year to conduct his workshops with the Raleigh RNE dancers.  Patrick began dancing with Rince na h’Eireann (RNE) at the age of 6 years old and has competed with RNE for the last 15 years. In January of 2012 Patrick received his TCRG (certification to teach Irish Dance) and is now a full time teacher with RNE in Charlotte. Over the course of his competitive career Patrick has medaled at the National, All Ireland, and World Dancing championships, the most prestigious awards being 4th at the Worlds in 2005
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Charlotte Teachers:
Charlotte Teachers The Raleigh RNE dancers are supported by a fabulous staff of teachers in Charlotte - Sandra Connick-TCRG, Patrick Quinlivan-TCRG, Audrey Burr, Pam Pierce, and Michelle Dawe.  All of these teachers bring their passion for Irish Dance to the classroom not only in their excellent instruction, but in their care and compassion for the dancers.  With their years of experience with sending countless dancers to the North American Irish Dance Championships, All-Ireland's, British Nationals and the World Irish Dance Championships (and many medalists indeed!), it is no wonder that the Raleigh RNE dancers look forward to either
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